Guitar Lessons

Clint Tucker

I got my first guitar when I was eleven years old. The radio and CD's taught me almost all my raw abilities and now my passion and help from some great teachers such as Lynn Peterson and Stan Lassiter have made me become more rounded and I absolutely love music! I will never stop trying to become a better musician and I have also been lucky enough to work with some great people with my former bands- Rapture, Public Disturbance, Damage's Son, NEO, and The Bluegrassholes. I will keep writing instrumental music because I believe I can write a song with my instrument, as my voice. I have been teaching guitar since first teaching friends pieces of songs and chords and licks in high school. Teaching gives me a wonderful kind of feeling especially when I see it is working and students are actually applying it and making their own music! I have been teaching full time for four years now and have had the privilege to work with some great students and great teachers as well. I always want students to keep learning and trying new things for I am just the beginning of their journey. God has blessed me with a gift and an ability to share it, and I only want my students to know that if we are breathing and alive, we do have the ability to change and become better at whatever we want.